Collection AW/2018 “Whatever” is based on duality, on what you are and what you are not. It is the intersection of your past and your future, the beginning of something new, the new YOU.
There are periods in our lives when we want to get rid of everything old, to purge ourselves from the past and to start building ourselves and the world around us from the beginning. Then the transition of showing and experiencing what we have been hiding - our true nature, begins. We start to rediscover ourselves and shatter the illusion about us, created by societal models, values, and norms. This is a transition of transformation, through which we become ourselves, without the need to reflect others’ perceptions of the world because we only reflect ourselves. We are the Light and we are our Centre. Then we need to express ourselves externally. It is the Whatever Collection that is an impression of the courage to be yourself and to say it to the world.
The Collection has been inspired by the world around us, the world of architecture and building, the industrial zones in the city and the new buildings, still under construction. “Whatever” has been inspired by the light-reflective and work outfits at the construction site.
The collection combines seemingly incompatible materials based on duality, for example wool – satin silk, neoprene – eco-leather – mesh. Details with interesting elements like edges with reflective stripes and large external pockets, inherent in work wear, are present in the collection. A layering effect has been created, interpreting the storeys in a building. The colours of reflective vests have been selected for the collection.“Whatever” reflects ourselves and our true nature, because it is “whatever” for what we thought we were. “Whatever” provokes us to be ourselves and show our own handwriting, our distinctiveness.